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Image by Glen Jackson


Travel Insurance - On top of the peace of mind I offer as your advisor and advocate, travel insurance takes that a step further.


Passports - TIP: Make sure your passport’s date of expiration is farther out than 6 months of your departure date.


Visas – Visas are important…if you need one. Find out if your travels require a Visa.


Immunizations for Travel – This can be a critical component to your travel. Make sure you are aware of the requirements for all the countries of your travel.


Find an Embassy – If you happen to need this information, it’s good to have ahead of time.



Travel Advisories – It’s good to know what’s happening not just during, but also leading up to your dates of travel.


Currency Converter – Converting currency can be complicated. This tool can help.


Flight Tracker – Sometimes it’s nice to keep track of ‘em.


Aircraft Seating Chart – I, for one, like to know exactly where I’m sitting on my flights.


Airport Terminal Maps – Show up like you’ve been there a million times.




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