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Image by Aaron Burden


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I love travel and everything that surrounds it. After having the good fortune of experiencing many different types of travel over many years, I have been blessed with an important discovery--not only can travel improve our physical and mental health, strengthen personal bonds and recharge us, travel also enriches us and broadens our minds and hearts in ways nothing else can--a true gift to oneself. And not one to keep good things to myself, I want to share that discovery with others. 

As a luxury travel advisor, I am passionate about getting to know my clients and learning their unique travel needs and desires so that I am able to produce for them completely personalized itineraries. Whether clients wish to be closely involved in the process or take more of a back seat, I ensure that the entire process is enjoyable and the ultimate outcome is a seamless travel experience that strives to not just meet but exceed my client's expectations.

With a special interest in families and luxury travel, I am always excited to create itineraries to any destination and for any type of client for whom my services are a good fit. Through Virtuoso's exclusive global network and my own knowledge, background and training, there is no travel beyond my scope of exploration.

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