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Ways to Travel with Distinct


CUSTOM TRAVEL: There is nothing like creating your own personalized itinerary tailored exactly to your very own particular taste and style. Go where you want, when you want and do exactly what you want; and, of course, with who you want...the envy of all trips...with your signature on it!


GROUPS: Traveling in well-organized groups with friendly, professional and highly knowledgeable guides can be one of the most rewarding ways to travel. Having everything planned out for you so you don't have to worry about a thing as well as having the option of free time to explore on your own or just take it easy if you like are just some of the ways traveling with a group can provide a truly wonderful travel experience.

BENEFITS OF BEING A GROUP LEADER:  Distinct Travel LLC is always looking for group leaders. Group leaders can benefit largely from organizing individuals for a trip they head up with the help of Distinct Travel LLC. Have a group of friends and/or family who like to travel or do you belong to a group or club that would love to go somewhere? Get 10 or more together and you can earn yourself a free spot. Distinct Travel makes it easy, fun and highly rewarding to be a group leader. Fundraising raising opportunities are also available with group travel! Contact Justina for more details. 

PRE-PACKAGED TRIPS: Like group travel, pre-packaged trips offer the same benefits and all the value, but you travel with those you know.