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Laguna Beach, California
It's a Collaborative Process...


DISCOVER -  We start out with my favorite step…getting to know you! Here, we’ll have conversations that allow me to learn all about your travel personality, your preferences, your dislikes, your travel visons and everything else I need to know in order to create the perfect itinerary for you as well as those who may be traveling with you.

COLLABORATE -  In this phase, we discuss the overall process, expectations on both ends and get in position to begin designing your perfectly tailored travel itinerary.


DESIGN & RESERVE -  Here is where we get to work crafting the details of your travel. You are free to be closely involved in this phase or you can just sit back and allow me to handle all the details. At the end of Phase 3, together, we will have created and securely booked a completely customized itinerary for a seamless travel experience.


CONNECT -   Another one of my favorite parts of the process is where we stay connected as I provide additional and relevant information as you relish in the anticipation of your upcoming journey.


EXPERIENCE -  And off you go! While you are making memories that will last forever, you will have peace of mind knowing that I am keeping an eye on things for the duration of your trip. And if any issues arise, I will handle them swiftly so that you can keep your focus on where it should be…enjoying your time away.


SHARE -   After you’ve returned and have settled back in, I want to hear about your trip. I want to hear your stories and see your pictures. What did you love? What wasn’t so lovable. All of this helps me be the best Advisor I can be to you as we plan your next amazing trip!